The Water Vane Co. was started in the summer of 1975 by Geoff Owen. Geoff was a plumber on Waiheke Island and simply got tired of climbing the ladder to check his water level.

The first indicator Geoff built was simply a length of plastic pipe, with a Christmas ornament attached to the top and a soccer ball for flotation on the bottom. Being the inventive type Geoff refined the Indicator, Making the main stem out of stainless steal, replacing the Christmas ornament and soccer ball with trough floats. He developed stainless steal brackets for the various angles of the top of water tanks. And started selling them through out New Zealand.

IN 1999 a development engineer decided to return home after a stint in U.S.A working in the motor racing industry. After a chance meeting a few beers and a firm handshake Pete Shierny became the new owner of THE WATER VANE CO. He went on to develop the indicator further with improvements of a complete range of accessories, including extension kits, wind indicator tops, and a mounting bracket that really dose fit all tanks. As well improvements to the product PETE packaged all the products in bright high visible packaging Making the WATER VANE CO products “the brightest Things in a farm store” Being a development engineer Pete is continuality working on the development of new product… so keep coming back to this site to see the new and exciting products.